Tuesday, 8 December 2009

First moth for December!

I'm still placing the MBT on the window ledge regularly and I finally got my first moth for this month but unfortunately it's not a December Moth it's a Dark Sword Grass but as it's the first macro I've seen for weeks it's more than welcome.


  1. Hi Ian,
    I am a relative beginner to moths, though I have dabbled for many years I have just bought a Robinson Trap and will start my first garden year list in the new year. You have some good pics and some nice things in your list there...

  2. Hi Stewart, I started trapping way back in the 1970s but family & career etc.. dragged me away and it's only recently that I have managed to get the time to start trapping 'seriously' again. The list is only since July and I'm hoping next year will bring a much better list, keep me updated on your finds and if you haven't already joined be sure to join Back Garden Moths(http://www.back-garden-moths.co.uk/index.php) for help with identification and anything else you might need help with.
    Best of luck for 2010.

  3. Cheers Ian, I'll post any info and pics of what I get on my blog...

  4. Good luck to both of you this year!