Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Catch up time

I'm sorry that I haven't been regularly updating the blog recently but a family crisis has eaten up a lot of my spare time, I have still been trapping as often as possible and I've had some interesting moths so here are some of them.

Red Line Quaker

Dusky Thorn

Angle Striped Sallow

Brindled Green

Lunar Underwing

Brindled Green ab - no green!

Beaded Chestnut

Blair's Shoulder Knot

Beaded Chestnut


  1. Ian, some lovely moths, I do hope everything is ok now.
    Your Thorn is a Dusky Thorn, not seen one this year.
    And the Chestnut is a Beaded Chestnut, again not seen one yet either.

  2. Thanks Ben, I took the Thorn photo a few weeks ago and I've had Canary Shouldered since so I wasn't sure.