Friday, 26 March 2010

New layout & a new moth

How cool is the new blogger template designer!!
My new blog title background photo features a Pebble Prominent, my MV trap and a satellite view of the area I trap in(grid Ref:SK3832Blue - SK388324Green or SK38813241Red). The area behind and including my garden was a copse on the edge of farm land from around the 1500s to the mid 1920s, the copse wasn't removed it was just split into gardens so many of the trees have been there for hundreds of years which makes it something of a suburban wildlife haven with everything from frogs to foxes regularly visiting our gardens. I plan to canvas the area next month with a leaflet encouraging my neighbours to report any caterpillars or moths they find so that I can see if there is anything in the area that doesn't visit my garden.
Tonight I got the usual bunch of seasonal visitors plus a Twin-Spotted Quaker which is another first for my garden....I also found a rather fat toad on the sheet under the trap which was enjoying a meal of flies....I'm hoping it hadn't also eaten any moths!
The trap was out from 6:45pm to 3:30am
2 Amblyptilia Acanthadactyla
4 Common Quaker
2 Chestnut
1 Early Grey
1 Twin-Spotted Quaker


  1. Looking good Ian and congrats on the Twin-spotted Quaker

  2. Snap! I had my first Twin spotted Quaker last night too. Blog looking good Ian, nice one...