Friday, 9 July 2010

West End Farm Part 1 - Monday 5/7/2010

Privet Hawk

The Coronet

The Coronet

Beautiful Hook-tip

Small Fan-footed Wave

Catoptria pinella

Coxcomb Prominent

Burnished Brass(both types!)

Coxcomb  Prominent

Double Square-spot

Plain Golden-Y

White Plume

Mottled Beauty

Southern Wainscot


Green Arches
I've just got back from a 3 day camping trip to a site in Lincolnshire which turned out to be a moth trapping paradise!, we stayed at West End Farm( which is half way between Louth and Mablethorpe. Chris, the site owner has tried to retain as many wildlife habitat areas within the site as possible by fencing off sections of woodland and placing the camping pitches between them to avoid any encroachement. This has worked wonderfully and helps to make the site feel like you're camping in the woods but with the added bonus of a toilet/shower block and electric hook up. My wife(Jane) found the site on the net and rang Chris to book us in, during the conversation Jane explained about my interest in moth trapping and Chris was as curious as me to find out which moths inhabit the area. I must admit I wasn't expecting to get a lot of moths and on the first night the trap had been on for 40 minutes with only a few Small Fan Footed Wave and half a dozen Snout showing up but as the night went on more and more moths started to arrive and by 3am I had over 300 moths in and around the trap with everything from Light Grey Tortrix to Privet Hawk!.
 The trap was on from 10pm till 3am, temperature went from 14c down to 12c.

43 Clouded Border
2 Yellow Shell
17 Scoparia Ambigualis
1 White Plume
17 Celypha Lacunana
16 Snout
8 Small Fan Footed Wave
9 Double Square-spot
11 Brimstone
3 Common Emerald
1 Red Underwing
1 Small Fan Foot
3 Barred Yellow
2 P. Coronata
7 Swallowtail
2 Small Blood-vein
8 Pale Emerald
22 Uncertian
3 Beautiful Hook-tip
7 Barred Straw
2 Silver Ground Carpet
2 Large Yellow Underwing
11 Marbled Minor
2 Tawny Marbled Minor
17 Riband Wave
3 Buff Arches
2 Plain Golden-Y
3 The Drinker
3 Coxcomb Prominent
1 White Satin Moth
12 Southern Wainscot(ID thanks Ben)
3 Swallow Prominent
1 Elephant Hawk
4 Common Footman
3 Common Wainscot
3 Heart & Dart
2 The Clay
3 Bright-line Brown-eye
3 Peppered Moth
1 Short Cloaked Moth
2 Fan Foot
4 Small Magpie
2 Dark Arches
2 Vine's Rustic
1 Common Pug
1 Pale Prominent
3 Dark-barred Twin-spot Carpet
1 Lesser Swallow Prominent
3 Poplar Hawk
2 Poplar Grey
1 Privet Hawk
1 Light Arches
2 Burnished Brass
7 Engrailed
4 Marbled Coronet
9 The Coronet
2 Green Arches(ID thanks Ben)
6 Catoptria pinella(ID thanks Matt)
8 Mottled Beauty(ID thanks Matt)


  1. Hi Ian,

    #1 looks like Catoptria pinella (1313)
    #2 lools like a Mottled Beauty to me


  2. Yep, they both look right to me...thanks Matt

  3. ??? Prominent = Coxcomb Prominent
    Shoulder-striped Wainscot looks good for Southern Wainscot
    Engrailed? Yep

    and Green Arches for the last you lucky thing!