Sunday, 4 July 2010

West Hallam

Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet

Shaded Broad-bar

Latticed Heath

Clover-case Bearer

Latticed Heath(more gold than white!)

I had a few hours to spare this afternoon so I took the wife and dogs back to the site in West Hallam where I found several Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet last Sunday, I saw a lot of butterflies and plenty of grasshoppers and in about 90 minutes 47 moths. It was very windy so using the net was quite a task but I did ok and got one of every different species I saw...I will be going back there as soon as possible as it's quite a large site and I only covered a small section of it.

8 Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet
3 Crambus lathoniellus
1 Straw Dot
12 Celypha lacunana
1 Blackneck
10 Latticed Heath
1 Clover-case Bearer
4 Snout
1 Pseudargyrotoza conwagana
6 Shaded Broad-bar(ID thanks Noggin)

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