Sunday, 1 August 2010

Another handful


Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing

Eucosma campoliliana


I've been trapping every other night but it's very quiet compared to this time last year, the temperatures have been low which could explain up to a point but there just don't seem to be as many moths in my garden this year?. I've still managed a few newbies this week though with a Lesser Broad-bordered Yellow Underwing(NFY) and a  Lychnis which is NFG as well as a few others I'm not sure of.(ID thanks to Matt for the Nutmeg(NFG)) ID thanks to Skev for the Eucosma campoliliana.


  1. Hi Ian,

    Looks like ???? is Nutmeg

    and ????? is a possible Dusky Brocade- they are very variable but quite common. HAve alook and see what you think?

    All the best.

  2. Nutmeg certainly looks right Matt, the other one is about the same size as Common Rustic and there's a photo on UKMoths that looks like it and is a 'Lesser Common Rustic'. I can see similarities to Dusky Brocade and it could well be that but I don't like to name them till I'm 100% sure.

  3. Ian,

    Yes - the last noctuid is a Common / Lesser Common Rustic (100% impossible to ID adults specifically without gen det).

    The black and white tortrix is Eucosma campoliliana.


  4. Hi Ian,

    Glad someone else is suffering from the Rustic problem, I'm catching 30+ and each one is slightly different to the next. I've given up trying to make them into different (more exciting?) species and hae put them all down as Common/Lesser Commons!

    Also had LBBYU this week coming in!


    Steve T

  5. Some top moths,fab shots.

  6. Thanks to all for your comments and ID help!! :0)