Saturday, 7 August 2010

Another weeks worth

Least Yellow Underwing

Catoptria pinella

Agriphila tristella

Small Ranunculus

Flame Carpet

Red Underwing

Straw Underwing?

Turnip Moth
After saying how quiet things have been in my last blog it has now started to pick up a bit, still not up to the numbers recorded this time last year but getting there and plenty of NFY and NFG species turning up.


  1. Hi Ian,

    Another really good week then.......
    Barred Chestnut?- Least Yellow Underwing
    ???- Agriphila tristella (1305)
    Coronet?- A real rarity! Small Ranunculus
    Straw Underwing is correct
    ????- Turnip Moth- really common at the moment....


  2. Cheers Matt, I've had turnip moth already this year but this one was quite different so I thought I'd check. Small Ranunculus? much as I would love it to be that because it would very likely be a first for Derbyshire I'm not certain..again I can see the similarities but surely I couldn't be that lucky....could I?

  3. Hi Ian,

    A really good year for S Ranunculus in Beds. with more than 20 records from 5 different sites. I had one last week, look at-- .Yours is a slightly plainer specimen but I would say a 100% safe ID........


  4. Well done on the Small Ranunculus, a great looking Moth.

  5. Just got an email from the county recorder(Dave Budworth) confirming this is as a first record for Derbyshire!!! :0))