Thursday, 8 April 2010

Grey Shoulder Knot

I spent a couple of hours today wandering from tree to tree at Elvaston Castle looking for Diurnea fagella in the hope that I might find Semioscopis avellanella or Semioscopis steinkellneriana but I was unlucky which is particularly annoying because last week I did find S. Avellanella but I didn't realise at the time what it was so I didn't get a photo....D'oh!. After the fantastic warm(16c) day we had it cooled down rapidly to 5c but I still got a reasonable catch which included my first Grey Shoulder Knot of the year, I got this species last year too so it's not a first for my garden.
 The trap was out from 8pm to 3:15am

6 Common Quaker
5 Early Grey
3 Hebrew Character
1 Clouded Drab
1 Diurnea Fagella
1 Light Brown Apple Moth
1 Twin-Spotted Quaker
1 Grey Shoulder Knot

1 comment:

  1. Yes it did cool really quick last night.

    Tonight looks overcast so might hold up the temperatures into double figures all night!

    I like the Grey Shouilder-knot, it's quite a handsome Moth isn't it.