Wednesday, 28 April 2010

More unexpected arrivals.....

Ruby Tiger

Iron Prominent

Chinese Character

Clouded Drab

Lead-Coloured Drab

Grey/Dark Dagger

Chocolate Tip
Plenty of moths around tonight thanks to the mild weather so a lot of time was spent potting things up to study....mainly pugs!, I did see several more familiar faces from last year with the first Ruby Tiger, Iron Prominent and Chinese Character of the year and a rather surprising Grey/Dark Dagger turned up too. I also got what I hope is a Lead-Coloured Drab but it could be a Clouded Drab(?) as could the other example I got, if either of them are Lead-Coloured that's a new one for my garden. As if all that wasn't enough for one night I also got a Chocolate Tip which is unusual for this part of the country but hey....I'm not complaining :0).
 The trap was out from 8pm to 4am

1 Early Grey
1 Ruby Tiger
1 Iron Prominent
1 Waved Umber
1 Purple Thorn
2 Pine Beauty
1 Garden Carpet
2 Twenty Plume
1 Early Thorn
1 Chinese Character
1 Brindled Beauty
1 Herald
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart
1 Grey/Dark Dagger
2 E. Monodactyla
3 A. Acanthadactyla
7 Micropterix Calthella
1 Lead-Coloured Drab
1 Clouded Drab
1 Light Brown Apple Moth
2 Hebrew Character
4 Common Pug
1 Foxglove Pug
1 Double Striped Pug
1 Chocolate Tip


  1. Fantastic selection Ian. Only in my dreams...