Saturday, 24 April 2010

Waved Umber, Pine Beauty, Purple Thorn etc....

Shuttle Shaped Dart
Common Pug
Pine Beauty
Foxglove Pug?
Waved Umber
Purple Thorn
Pale Tussock
It's quite astonishing how just a few extra degrees on the thermometer can make such a huge difference to a nights trapping!, it stayed at 10c till well after midnight and had only dropped to 7c by the time I got the trap in. The night started with Pugs again but by 9:30 every time I went out to look I found another new species for my garden starting with a Waved Umber which was quickly followed by a Pine Beauty then a Purple Thorn then something I haven't managed to positively ID yet(Pale Tussock!). In amongst all the Pugs in the trap I found 2 of what I think is a Foxglove Pug along with another Pug which is another new one for my garden(Common Pug). A good amount of new species as well as some familiar faces which included the first Shuttle Shaped Dart of the year.
The trap was out from 8:35pm till 3:30am

8 Double Striped Pug
2 Foxglove Pug?
1 Common Pug(ID thanks Ben)?
1 Waved Umber
1 Pine Beauty
1 Pale Tussock(ID thanks Ben)
1 Common Quaker
1 Small Quaker
1 Hebrew Character
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart
2 Early Grey
2 Purple Thorn
2 Brindled Beauty
4 Clouded Drab
2 E. Monodactyla
1 Agonopterix Hercliana
2 Caloptiia Stigmatella


  1. Ian thats a great catch, a few species slightly early too! Yes that is Foxglove Pug, the other Pug is Common and your last Macro is a Pale Tussock.
    Good trapping!

  2. Thanks Ben, I hadn't even considered Pale Tussock! :0)