Monday, 17 May 2010

Clouded Silver, Ancylis Badiana & Rustic Shoulder Knot

Clouded Silver

Pale Tussock(variation)

Ancylis Badiana

Rustic Shoulder Knot
The temperature stayed at 7c so I did reasonably well with at least 3 new species turning up tonight, I also got a couple of quite different looking Pale Tussock moths. The Clouded Silver, Rustic Shoulder Knot and Ancylis Badiana are all new for my garden.
 The trap was out from 9:45pm till 4:15am

4 Shuttle Shaped Dart
1 Waved Umber
1 Ancylis Badiana
1 Clouded Silver
2 Pale Tussock
1 E. Monodactyla
1 Micropterix Calthella
1 Rustic Shoulder Knot(ID thanks Ben)

1 comment:

  1. That Macro be a Rustic Shoulder-knot, well done.