Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Heart + Dart & Scalloped Hazel(f.nigra) plus a couple more Pugs

Pug ?#1

Pug ?#2

Scalloped Hazel(f.nigra)

Heart + Dart
9c all night so more moths around specially micros but I got a few interesting macros too including my first Heart + Dart of the year and a lovely Scalloped Hazel(f.nigra), I got a couple of Pugs I'm unsure of so I thought I would add photos to see if anyone can help ID them?
 The trap was out from 9:40pm till 4am

3 Light Brown Apple Moth
2 Epiblema cynosbatella
2 Micropterix Calthella
1 Twenty Plume
3 E. Monodactyla
3 Common Pug
1 Pug ?#1
1 Pug?#2
1 Scalloped Hazel
1 Scalloped Hazel(f.nigra)(NFG)
1 Heart + Dart(NFY)
1 Dark Barred Twin Spot Carpet
1 Waved Umber
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart


  1. Hi Ian,

    I'm not absolutely sure but pug 1 looks like a Mottled and Pug 2 looks like a Brindled. I am going to put a couple of different shots of pugs on my blog soon if you'd like to compare.......The world of pugs is a real minefield!


    Matt- http://trappingsofsuccess.blogspot.com

  2. I`d agree with the first being Mottled Pug. The 2nd, well i`ll leave that one.