Wednesday, 16 June 2010

The Flame, Plum Tortrix, Udea olivalis

Plum Tortrix

Udea olivalis

The Flame
It dropped to 6c after a warm day so not a lot in the trap in total but 3 NFG species made up for that, the female Lime Hawk has now flown away so I am waiting hopefully to see if any of the eggs she left behind actually hatch.
 The trap was out from 9:50pm to 2:30am

1 Cabbage Moth
1 Spectacle
11 Heart + Dart
1 Silver-Y
1 Garden Pebble
2 Brimstone
1 Willow Beauty
2 Light Brown Apple Moth
1 Bee Moth
1 Garden Carpet
1 Buff Ermine
1 Rustic Shoulder Knot
1 The Flame(NFG)
1 Udea olivalis(NFG)
3 Plum Tortrix(NFG)

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