Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Rain rain....come again!!

Clouded Border

Varied Coronet

Bird Cherry Ermine

Orchard Ermine

??? Macro

Lesser Yellow Underwing
I discovered a few months back that when it rains if I place the MBT/funnel trap inside the kitchen door the moths fly in to escape the rain...tonight was forecast for showers at 1am but they started just before 10pm so out came the MBT and it didn't let me down with a haul of 85 moths including what looks to be a Varied Coronet which is a rarity in Derbyshire.
 The trap was on from 10:10pm till 3:30am

1 Clouded Border(NFG)
1 Varied Coronet(NFG)(very rare round here!!!)
1 Bird Cherry Ermine(NFG)
1 Orchard Ermine(NFY)
1 ??? macro(NFG)(Confused or maybe Lychnis?)
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing(NFY)
1 Sycamore
1 Miller
1 Small Angle Shades
2 Buff Arches
3 Dark Arches
4 Willow Beauty
3 Brimstone
3 Common Marbled Carpet
9 Riband Wave
2 Common Wave
17 Heart + Dart
11 Uncertain
5  Marbled Minor
1 Tawny Marbled Minor
3 Scoparia Ambigualis
6 Crambus lathoniellus
3 Light Brown Apple Moth
1 Common Wainscot
3 Bee Moth

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