Saturday, 17 October 2009

101 not out!

I read a lot of blogs from people who say 'the season is nearly over' or 'I'm putting my trap away till next year' but surely with moths flying 365 days a year the 'season' is never over it's just a change of season?, tonight I have managed to catch 9 moths just by placing my MBT lamp in the spare room window then going out with a torch to see if anything has come to visit. I probably should have put a trap out but it seemed too cold, despite that I have had possibly 4 new species for my garden just tonight. Firstly I got a Northern Winter Moth and what I thought at first was a Grey Pine Carpet but I now suspect it's a Spruce Carpet?... if anyone can confirm this(photo above) then I will have reached 101 positively identified species of moths for my back garden. Annoyingly enough I also caught what I am 99.9% certain is a November Moth but it flew off when I was trying to get a photo and now it's hiding somewhere in the spare room....if I can find it I'm up to 102!!. I also still have a photo from a previous posting of a light brown carpet moth which I can't identify, this could bring me up to 103 so come on people help me out here...
Photos above are....
1 ????? I still don't know what this one is?
2 Northern Winter Moth
3 Yellow Line Quaker
4 Spruce Carpet?

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