Thursday, 29 October 2009

Weekly update!

I'm getting such a small amount of moths now that I thought a weekly catch list would make better reading so until things pick up again I will only report once a week.....unless anything interesting turns up. The Brick is getting to be a regular visitor along with Spruce Carpet and several November/Winter/Autumnal moths which after consulting with Ian Kimber from UKMoths I have now decided to bunch together as 'Epirrita' because it's near impossible to tell them all apart.

In the last 7 days I have had the trap out 3 times and had the MBT lamp in the spare room window twice.....
7 Blair's Shoulder Knot
4 The Brick(see photo above)
4 Epirrita
5 Spruce Carpet
2 Silver-Y
2 Angle Shades
1 Grey Pine Carpet
1 Rosy Rustic
1 Black Rustic
1 Feathered Thorn

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