Sunday, 18 October 2009

I rest my case...but not my trap

As mentioned last my opinion the season is NOT's just a different season and that's why I continue to put the trap out when possible and it's also why I continue to catch new species!. Tonight was cold but autumn/winter moths are ready for the cold and you'll never catch them if you don't do any trapping once the summer has ended, I only caught 7 moths tonight but they included 2 species new to my garden so added to last nights window sill finds I've had 5 confirmed new species in the last 2 days as well as that elusive November Moth which could still be hiding somewhere in my spare room?.
The trap was out from 6:40pm to 3:15am

Tonight's Log

3 Blair's Shoulder-Knot
1 Silver-Y
1 Grey Shoulder Knot(see photo above)
1 Barred Sallow(see photo above)
1 Pink Barred Sallow

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