Thursday, 10 September 2009

Not new but.....

I didn't get chance to trap last night and I wont get chance to trap for the next two nights so I had to give it a try tonight even though once the sun went down it got very cool very quickly. Not a brilliant catch but better than expected and it included a Shuttle Shaped Dart which appeared to have a lot more brown/copper tones to it than all the previous examples I've seen...not new but certainly different.
The trap was out from 8pm to 3:15am

Tonight's Log

3 Large Yellow Underwing
10 Lesser Yellow Underwing
2 Common Marbled Carpet
4 Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 Square Spot Rustic
2 Common Wainscot
3 Willow Beauty
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart(see photo above?)


  1. Hello Ian,

    Shuttle-shaped Dart is sexually dimorphic, with the females being darker and more uniformly coloured than the paler males. This one is a female. Maybe the ones you have trapped before were males?

  2. Hi Skev, I've caught males and females before now but this one was much lighter than usual, it could have been a bit washed out I suppose but it looked fairly later broods have lighter colours to match their 'autumn' surroundings better?.