Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Dark turns out!

It stayed a lot milder than expected tonight and despite a few very light showers I ended up with a decent catch, Blair's Shoulder Knot are now taking over as most common garden visitor with no less than 10 of them in the trap tonight and it was nice to see another Black Rustic which gave me a chance to get a better photo. Among the catch was a moth I didn't recognise
which I have now been informed is a Dark Sword-Grass(ID Thanks to Karen and Ben).
The trap was out from 7pm to 3:30am

Tonight's Log

2 Lesser Yellow Underwing
10 Blair's Shoulder-Knot
1 Common Wainscot
1 Black Rustic(see photo above)
1 Garden Carpet
1 Common Marbled Carpet
1 Canary Shouldered Thorn
1 Silver-Y
2 Setaceous Hebrew Character
1 Dark Sword-Grass(see photo above)


  1. That looks like a faded Dark Sword Grass to me Ian.(Doesn't mean it is though!)Lovely shot of the Black Rustic, good choice of background colour.

  2. Yep Dark Sword-grass a migrant species, it's waaay too late for Clouded-bordered Brindle.

  3. Thanks to both and thanks for the photo comment Karen but if I'm being honest it wasn't me that chose the background colour it was the Black Rustic who got somewhat lively and started flying around the room eventually resting on the curtains! :0)