Saturday, 26 September 2009

Worth a try....

After a lovely warm day the temperature plummeted to around >5c so I didn't expect to catch a lot of moths tonight but I had to try the new trap out and I also wanted to try taking a photo of a moth using a halogen lamp as suggested by Ben from Essex Moths blog in response to me posting a forum entry asking if anyone could recommend a good light for photographing moths on the Back Garden Moths website(which I'm sure you're all aware of but just in case....
The catch wasn't very big or exciting but the photographic results with the tungsten lamp are a vast improvement I'm sure you'll agree.
The trap was out from 8pm to 3:15am

Tonight's Log

2 Large Yellow Underwing
1Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Blair's Shoulder-Knot(see photo above)
1 Common Wainscot(see photo above)
1 Willow Beauty

1 comment:

  1. Not bad at all Ian, it can be difficult to get the right light in any given situation and I have kicked myself when i've taken pics of a Moth, let it go, then looked at the pictures on the computer and not been happy with them, o well there's always next year!