Monday, 7 September 2009

Something new...

The weather forecast for today just got better and better with a promise of a cloudy night and a temperature of 17 degrees which is exactly what we got, the garden was busier than it has been for weeks with a lot of flies and micros early on making way for plenty of macro moths later in the evening. I got a few moths I don't get often(Centre Barred Sallow & Snout) and though I didn't get a new species I did get a Common Marble Carpet variant that I have never seen before.
The trap was out from 8:30pm to 3:45am
Tonight's Log
9 Large Yellow Underwing
8 Lesser Yellow Underwing
7 Square Spot Rustic
1 Flounced Rustic
1 Willow Beauty
2 Common Wainscot
1 Silver-Y
8 Common Marbled Carpet(including the new variant...see photo above)
2 Grey Pine Carpet
1 Garden Carpet
3 Copper Underwing
1 Flame Shoulder
1 The Snout
1 Centre Barred Sallow
1 Staceous Hebrew Character
2 Brimstone


  1. That's a Common Marbled Carpet Ian, lovely Moths as they are so intricately variable.

  2. How many variations of this moth are there?, oh well not something new but certainly a new variation for my garden.