Saturday, 18 July 2009

3 New species!

A cool 12 degrees and drizzle didn't deter me from putting the 'Skinner' out from 9:30 till 3:30 and I'm glad I did, not a big haul but 3 new species for me which is much better than getting 20 of the same old thing. It would all probably be even more exciting if I had any idea what any of them are!(see photos above)
I also caught a lot of micro moths so I am going to start taking photos of the more interesting ones from now on but there are too many similar looking micros and I have no idea how to tell them apart so you'll have to take what you get with those.

Tonight's log....

1 Silver-Y
1 Mother Of Pearl
1 Swallow-Tail
1 Early Thorn
2 Riband Wave
1 Common Wave
1 Bright-Line Brown-Eye
1 4 Dotted Footman
1 Uncertian


  1. Hi, Ian.

    The 1st one looks like a Common Wave, the 2nd is Bright-line Brown-eye & the 3rd could be a male Ghost Moth.

  2. The third is a slightly washed out Common Footman.

  3. Ian the Footman may even be Four-dotted Footmandid it have slight blacjk dots on the forewing?

  4. No black dots, it was yellow round the wing edge and about the right size for a Footman with a white head and body....I know it wasn't a ghost because I used to catch them by the dozen(30 years ago!).