Thursday, 23 July 2009

Rainy night in Derby

I run a local acoustic music club once a month and tonight was 'club night' so I didn't get home till nearly midnight, it had rained quite heavily from 9:30pm but by midnight it had stopped so I didn't miss out on too much trapping. I put the 'Skinner' out at 12:10 and it quickly drew a bigger audience than the music's a shame I can't charge the moths £2.50 each to get in....I might actually make some money that way! :0) . By the end of the night the amount of moths in the trap was much lower compared to the last few nights but still an interesting batch with 4 new species for my garden(including 2 micros at a guess)..
The trap was out till 3:30

Tonights Log

3 Riband Wave
2 Mother Of Pearl
1 Common Footman
3 Silver-Y
5 Dark Arches
7 Common Rustic
2 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Phlyctaenia Coronata
1 Early Thorn
6 Uncertain(ID thanks to Ben)
4 Shuttle Shaped Dart(See photo above)
Not bad for a rainy evening I suppose.

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