Saturday, 25 July 2009

Ermine Invasion

I placed the trap in a different part of the garden tonight, there are a lot of gardens and trees to the rear of my garden and if I put the trap in the 'usual' place the light cant be seen from that direction so I thought I'd give it a try at the other side of the garden so it can be clearly seen from a greater distance. I don't know if it's the fact that it's a milder night but the moths came flooding in including a large amount(31) of what look to me like Orchard Ermine moths, I've had a few of these before but never such a large concentration and for a micro they are very pretty.
There were plenty of other bland micros and 2 of the obligatory Poplar Hawks as well as a good selection of macro moths, as wonderful as the Poplar Hawks are it would be nice to get a different type of Hawk moth occasionally!.

The trap was out from 9:30pm till 3:30am

Tonight's Log

2 Poplar Hawk
3 Ruby Tiger
3 Lesser Yellow Underwing
2 Large Yellow Underwing
7 Riband Wave
4 Brimstone
2 Early Thorn
5 Silver-Y
4 Mother Of Pearl
2 Phlyctaenia Coronata
3 Emmelina Monodactyla
4 Shuttle Shaped Dart
6 Marbled Beauty
2 Swallowtail
6 Dark Arches
4 Willow Beauty
3 Common Rustic
1 Cabbage Moth
3 Unidentified Browns
3 Grey Dagger
1 ????(see top photo above)
31 Orchard Ermine

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