Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Scarce Footman?

I won a petrol powered generator on eBay tonight so I can get out of the garden and do some away from home trapping if the evenings warm up a little and I can talk the wife into sitting in the woods for a few hours occasionally?...I know the dogs will enjoy it that's for sure.
Another rainy evening turned into a mild but cloudy night and there were Large Yellow Underwings and Dark Arches jousting above the trap before too long, I didn't notice much else but I was busy watching eBay and playing with Excel in an attempt to do a spreadsheet of the moths I've trapped in the garden.....quite disappointed to find there have only been 43 different species of macro moth with positive identifications so far but it's only been 8 days since I got the MBT lamp so I suppose I'm not doing too badly.
I got a couple of 'new to my garden' species tonight as well as the usual bunch and a few old favourites.
The trap was out from 9:30pm to 3:15am
Tonight's Log
6 Silver-Y
3 Riband Wave
6 Large Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
3 Shuttle-Shaped Dart
1 Heart & Dart
1 Smoky Wainscot
1 Campion
8 Dark Arches
2 Willow Beauty
7 Common Rustic
1 Scarce Footman(see photo above)

1 comment:

  1. Hi, Ian.
    The first one looks good for Scarce Footman, and the 2nd one is a Wainscot species. Hard to tell from that angle, though.
    All the best for trips out with the genny.