Thursday, 30 July 2009

Mixed Blessings

Bad weather and bad luck meant no trapping last night, I was dumb enough to have blown my MBT bulb whilst 'experimenting' with my shiny new portable generator yesterday afternoon so I was almost pleased when it rained because at least I wasn't missing out on an evening of quality trapping.
I rang around a few local lighting supply shops and got lucky....very lucky actually, one local warehouse had a box of 160w MBT bulbs in stock that have been there for quite some time and they are still selling them at the 'old' price of £6.95+VAT so just under £8 each which is excellent(I purchased 3....just in case!). They do have some left so if anyone is local to Derby and wants the details email me.
It was cloudy and cool tonight but there were a few moths around, I left the trap out from 9:30pm till 3:45am.

Tonights Log
1 Poplar Hawk
7 Dark Arches
3 Large Yellow Underwing
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
1 Magpie
4 Riband Wave
2 Shuttle Shaped Dart
1 Grey Dagger
3 Silver-Y
1 Dun-Bar
1 Common Rustic
1 Cloaked Minor
1 Smoky Wainscot
1 Common Wainscot(see photo above)
1 ???(see photo above)

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