Friday, 24 July 2009

More newbies

I half expected rain tonight but I got lucky and the sky stayed clear, plenty of moths about and I was surprised to find a Poplar Hawk actually inside the 'Skinner' trap....the Poplar Hawks that I have 'trapped' so far this week have basically landed on the sheet or on the outside of the trap and considering the size of the gap it had to get through I wasn't expecting it to be there.

I put the trap out from 9:45pm till 4am.

Tonights Log
1 Poplar Hawk
2 Ruby Tiger
1 Swallowtail
6 Dark Arches
4 Riband Wave
3 Shuttle-Shaped Dart
3 Willow Beauty
4 Common Rustic
2 Silver-Y
2 Large Yellow-Underwing
1 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Cabbage Moth
1 Campion
1 Grey/Dark Dagger(ID thanks to Ben)
2 Early Thorn(See photo above)

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