Sunday, 12 July 2009

My Adventures In Entomology

In reality I'm no expert but I know what I know and I have a genuine interest in the subject so I thought I would blog about my 'adventures' in an effort to keep a personal record of my discoveries. I wont be taking a very scientific approach to entemology because I don't think that I really have the time or the inclination to learn all the latin names and mating habits etc.... I just like to observe and hopefully I'll get some half decent photos along the way.
I started collecting moths and beetles back in the mid 1970's as part of my coursework for an exam in Environmental Science, I lived in leafy Cheshire back then and there were many places I could go to observe or 'trap' insects. My father worked nights at a large chemical plant in Warrington and he regularly came home with a selection of moths he had caught around the plant so my collection grew quickly and my knowledge grew with it. I passed the exam easily but by this time I was 16 and I had discovered the world of guitar playing so much of my time was taken up rehearsing and gigging with assorted bands and my collection lost it's appeal.
It's now many years later and I now live in Derbyshire, though I have always been a keen observer I haven't really indulged my passion for entomology until last week when a large hawk moth landed on the outside of the window in the room where I am writing from and something in me was inspired to get back to studying moths. I will also try to find out what I can about any other interesting insects in my local area but my main passion is macro-moths so that is likely to be what I will write about the most....if anyone reads any of my posts please leave a comment so I don't feel like I'm just 'talking' to myself.

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  1. Hi Ian
    Nice read that was, it's great you are back into Entomology again, I like you started off collecting Moths and Butterflies but now prefer to take pictures of them as Digital Cameras are amazing things these days!
    Hope the trapping is successful for you, i've only been trapping a year & a half and have over 400 species to my Garden! its an amazing hobby, enjoy it!