Wednesday, 22 July 2009

MBT night 2

The second night with the MBT lamp was as much fun as the first, not quite so many unrecognised species but plenty of moths and another Poplar Hawk so I'm guessing they must be fairly common in my area of Derby. My wife took last nights catch to work 3 miles away and released them there so it's unlikely I'm catching the same moths as I did last night but you never know?.
The trap was out from 9:30pm to 3:30am

Tonights Log

1 Poplar Hawk
1 Magpie
4 Silver-Y
2 Swallowtail
9 Riband Wave
3 Brimstone
5 Willow Beauty
2 Smoky Wainscot
2 Common Footman
5 Marbled Beauty
6 Dark Arches
2 Dot Moth
4 Heart & Dart
2 Common Rustic
1 Phlyctaenia Coronata
1 Campion
1 Early Thorn
1 Shuttle-Shaped Dart
1 Bright-Line Brown-eye
2 Ruby Tiger(see photo above)
1 Cloaked Minor(see photo above)
9 Uncertain

There were also a lot of assorted Yellow Under-Wings flying around but few actually went into or stayed in the trap and quite a few Dark Arches did the same.

1 comment:

  1. Well done on the Ruby Tiger! Yes the Yellow Underwings tend to go abit barmy near the trap, hitting everything in sight!
    You'll soon be getting more and more species....