Monday, 31 August 2009

Once bitten...

Last night it was forecast to rain so I didn't put the trap out and by 1am when it was evidently a mild night with a clear sky I was kicking myself....I didn't make the same mistake twice!
Tonight was very mild and there were a lot of moths around so well worth putting the trap out even if there wasn't anything new for my garden, there were a lot of micros so I got a photo of one of them(?) as well as a photo of a particularly nice example of a Yellow Shell(I think?...see photo above).
The trap was out from 8:45pm to 3am

Tonight's Log

28 Large Yellow Underwing
14 Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
2 Angle Shades
1 Brimstone
2 Garden Carpet
1 Green Carpet
1 Bulrush Wainscot
1 Orange Swift
1 Yellow Shell(see photo above)
7 Square Spot Rustic
5 Willow Beauty
8 Common Wainscot
6 Common Marble Carpet
3 Setaceous Hebrew Character
1 Sallow
2 Copper Underwing
2 Gold Spot
1 Vines Rustic
1 Dusky Thorn
4 Silver-Y(including one of the small type)


  1. Nice catch, love to see a Bulrush Wainscot one day!
    your micro is Ysolopha sequella by the way.

  2. Very nice Moth collection.
    Good large numbers,fantastic capture.

  3. Thanks Ben and thanks to JR & Sue for deciding to follow the madness :0)