Sunday, 2 August 2009

Thorny Subjects

A beautiful day turned into a beautiful evening followed by a mild night so plenty of moths around and after getting 9 species new to my garden last night I was hopeful that something else new might turn up tonight. Not long after I put the trap out a Dusky Thorn was sitting in it quickly followed by a Canary-Shouldered Thorn and it was still only 9:45!, of course the luck pretty much ran out there and I only got one other new species all night after the 2 Thorns but plenty of moths in total.
The trap was out from 9:20pm till 3:40am
Tonight's Log
8 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
3 Dark Arches
9 Common Rustic
4 Willow Beauty
4 Silver-Y
2 Brimstone
2 Shuttle Shaped Dart
1 Common Wainscot
2 Magpie
6 Riband Wave
1 Heart & Dart
1 Cloaked Minor
1 Spectacle
1 Cabbage Moth
1 Dusky Thorn(see photo above)
1 Canary Shouldered Thorn(see photo above)
1 Clay(see top photo above)

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