Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Red Underwing

A warm but very blustery night with occasional drizzle which got heavier just before 2am so I decided to bring the trap in earlier than usual to avoid any chance of the rain damaging the lamp, I had seen what I thought were 2 Old Lady moths fluttering around the trap but it turned out one was a stunning Red Underwing which was inside the trap and came as quite a surprise to me when I found it(there was an Old Lady in there too!).
The trap was out from 8:45pm to 1:55am

Tonight's Log

16 Large Yellow Underwing
5 Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Setaceous Hebrew Character
4 Willow Beauty
3 Square Spot Rustic
3 Copper Underwing
1 Yellow Shell
1 Orange Swift
1 Old Lady
2 Six Striped Rustic
1 Angle Shades
2 Common Marbled Carpet
4 Lempke's Gold Spot
2 Gold Spot
2 Silver-Y
2Flame Shoulder
4 Common Wainscot
1 Red Underwing(see photo above)

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  1. Yes Ian, a much cleaner look for your Blog! nice.
    You can add so much to a Blog its abit daunting at times, i'm currently experimenting with html coding for drop-down menus but its very time-consuming!

    Lovely Red Underwing by the way!