Saturday, 8 August 2009


Another cool clear night with a bright moon, not a lot of moths around but some interesting finds in the trap including my first Vapourer moth and my first Least Yellow Underwing(albeit rather scruffy looking examples of both). The Vapourer is usually a day flier so I wasn't expecting to find it in the trap.
The trap was out from 9:30pm till 3:30am
Tonight's Log
22 Large Yellow Underwing
2 Lesser Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
1 Least Yellow Underwing(see photo above)
5 Willow Beauty
11 Riband Wave
2 Spectacle
3 Silver-Y
1 Gold Spot
1 Sallow Kitten
1 Brimstone
1 Common Rustic
2 Ruby Tiger
1 Vapourer(see photo above)

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