Saturday, 22 August 2009

That's better....

A much warmer night tonight and there were a lot more moths around, there seems to be a sudden influx of Willow Beauty, Setaceous Hebrew Character and Carpet moths as well as a large amount of micros(mainly assorted Tortix) but many of the usual finds showed up again too. There was nothing new to my garden so I got some photos of a couple of the micros so you can have some fun guessing what they are?(1 is possibly a V-Pug but I have no idea what the other one is).
The trap was out from 9pm to 4am
Tonight's Log

21 Large Yellow Underwing
9 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
8 Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 Common Rustic
11 Willow Beauty
3 Square Spot Rustic
3 Flounced Rustic
1 Spectacle
2 Riband Wave
1 Flame Shoulder
1 Yellow Shell
2 Garden Carpet
3 Common Marbled Carpet
2 Copper Underwing
1 Blood Vein
3 Lempke's Gold Spot
4 Gold Spot
4 Common Wainscot
1 Silver-Y
1 Yellow Barred Brindle(see photo above)(ID thanks to Ben)
1 Codling Moth(see photo above)(ID thanks to Ben)


  1. Hi Ian
    Glad your still perservering with Mothing, ive had a few days break as its very tiring getting up at 5.30am!
    Your top Moth is a Yellow-barred Brindle (though more green when fresh, fading to yellow)
    Your bottom Moth is a Codling Moth (Cydia pomonella)
    I've never had either of the Gold Spot's! you must have a superb habitat for them nearby!

    Great stuff

  2. Thanks Ben, the Gold Spot moths seem to be attracted to Buddleia, I also get Silver-Y and assorted Yellow Underwing on there too. We have 2 large Buddleia bushes which I put in to attract butterflies originally. As for the tiring aspect...I stay up all night most nights because I have trouble sleeping due to a rather painful spine problem(I usually 'sleep' from 5am till 10am), I'm constantly tired but I refuse to just sit around. I should have got back to mothing years ago but I chose to just put a lamp on my window ledge and observe whatever came to visit...they didn't have MBT lamps or fancy moth traps available when I was mothing back in the mid 1970's and until I started looking on the internet I hadn't realised how far the hobby had advanced. I'm probably hooked for life now and I'm hoping to catch November & December moths which are 'native' to my area of Derbyshire....then it's roll on next spring :0).