Thursday, 13 August 2009

Orange Swift, Square Spot Rustic, some Carpets & ?

An Orange Swift was sitting in the trap within 20 minutes of me putting it out, it's always nice when something new turns up early on because the rest of the night can only get better. I also noticed a couple of moths that looked familiar but somehow different....there's a lot of that with moths but these 2 turned out to be Square Spot Rustic(thanks Ben) which I'm almost certain I've had some of in the trap before but they look so much like several other species I had never singled them out before. I get Carpet moths quite a lot which are so difficult to get decent photos of but I've been using the '30 minutes in the fridge' trick and it's making things much easier(sometimes!), tonights examples were a Common Marbled Carpet and a Common Carpet. I also got what I think is a 6 Striped Rustic so if can anyone can confirm this or correct my mistake please do(see top photo above).

The trap was out from 8:50pm till 3:45am

Tonight's Log

43 Large Yellow Underwing
3 Lesser Yellow Underwing
10 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
2 Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
7 Riband Wave
2 Silver-Y
4 Common Rustic
1 Shuttle Shaped Dart
5 Willow Beauty
5 Flame Shoulder
6 Lempke's Gold Spot
2 Gold Spot
5 Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 Pebble Hook Tip
2 Cabbage
2 Spectacle
1 Poplar Hawk
1 Vine's Rustic
1 Six Striped Rustic(see photo above)
2 Common Carpet(see photo above)
1 Common Marbled Carpet(see photo above)
1 Square-Spot Rustic(see photo above)(ID Thanks to Ben)
1 Orange Swift(see photo above)

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  1. Id's all fine apart from Small Square-spot is a Square-spot Rustic :)