Monday, 10 August 2009

Spots before my eyes!

I got my first Gold Spot moth earlier this month and there have been plenty of them since, when I did a bit of research I discovered that there are 2 specific types of Gold Spot moth and it turned out the type I had caught was a Lempke's Gold Spot. I got 4 of the Lempke's G. S. tonight and my first non-Lempke's, they were good enough to let me take a photo of them together and the difference is fairly obvious(see top photo above, the Lempke's is on the right), the Lempke's is a lot more orange/bronze in colour compared to the non-Lempke's brownish colouring and there is quite a difference in their size too.
Nothing else new tonight unfortunately but a good haul nevertheless
The trap was out from 9:15pm till 3:45am

Tonights Log

29 Large Yellow Underwing
7 Lesser Yellow Underwing
1 Least Yellow Underwing
6 Lesser Broad Bordered Yellow Underwing
8 Riband Wave
3 Silver-Y
3 Common Rustic
3 Shuttle Shaped Dart
4 Willow Beauty
1 Campion
2 Flame Shoulder
4 Lempke's Gold Spot
1 Gold Spot(see photo above)
2 Setaceous Hebrew Character
2 Uncertain
2 Early Thorn
1 Brimstone
1 Garden Pebble
2 Iron Prominent


  1. I see the 160w Bulb is still doing the business :) never had either of the Gold-spots, well done! back to trapping for me after a 2 week break on hols!
    all the best.

  2. Welcome back Ben, I hope you had a great holiday!!